20 2 / 2012

Last day at Ottawa Fashion Week! Unicef Celebrity Fashion show!

What a packed weekend!  We loved meeting TL Rader and Lianne Laing! They were amazing on the runway wearing Turbine! So sweet and so much fun!

Television hosts Tl Rader, and Lianne Laing! These ladies had amazing energy on the catwalk!

Colin Gaudet, model and Turbine photographer! Amazing runway walk! Work it. Work it.

Lisa with The Ottawa Citizen Fashion reporter Julie Beun. Flaming.

Elizabeth Manley!!! Childhood idol!! So cute.

Following all of the fashion excitement we decided on some sobering entertainment and toured the Supreme Court of Canada with my cousin’s husband Robert Martz, who is a clerk.

Lisa at the Supreme Court.

My cousin’s husband Rob Martz at the Supreme Court! He gave us a wonderful tour of the court! What a challenging job!

The courtroom.

The long library hall. Largest law library in Canada.

Weekly Reporter dating back to 1868!

Well it’s now time to leave Ottawa. So much fun, we met so many wonderful people. All the staff, volunteers and attendees of OFW were absolutely interesting. What a blast.

Perfect evening to fly out.

Signing out from Ottawa.

Elise xo 

19 2 / 2012

Well Turbine has officially presented at Ottawa Fashion Week! What a fabulous experience. The staff, models and volunteers helped to create a fantastic environment backstage, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it!  We presented the largest collection of the week to a packed house.  All were gracious and welcomed the Turbine collection enthusiastically.

Here are few glimpses from last night as captured by audience tweeters!

Lisa and I backstage before the blast off!

A big thank you to all the models, you were all stunning!

And today still no time to rest! Shopping Party time and tonight the celebrity Fashion show where TV personalities Lianne Lang and TL Rader will be modelling Turbine! So much excitement everywhere!

Champagne in suite 1101!!

Elise xo

18 2 / 2012

Friday was a busy media day with our first appearance on CTV Morning Live Ottawa! We spent the morning at the CTV Studios getting our models fitted, and then off to hair and makeup and finally it was time for the segments!


Hair + Makeup with the models! Wild!

Full Turbine! Gorgeous!

CTV Set!

Lisa on CTV Morning Live Ottawa!

Asymmetric Dress + OBI Belt + Leather Tote

And the iPad Case!!

The new Silk Print Bubble Top

Turbine power suit. (There had been a cooking segment previous to us..looked really tasty.)

And once we wrapped this segment at the CTV Studios, we rushed off to the next tv appearance where I spoke on behalf of Turbine, in french, for an interview about Turbine in Ottawa and the partnership between Ottawa Fashion Week and Winterlude!

But no pictures! Ha. I can’t take photos while I’m on camera!

Elise xo

17 2 / 2012

Lisa and I had lunch here today! It’s a huge market! So many interesting little shops and restaurants! Can’t even imagine how busy it must be here during the summer! (it was a little rainy and I think this might have had an impact on the traffic in the market)

I kept calling it the Byward Market, and finally a friend of mine gently whispered “Just call it the Market, everyone knows you mean the Byward Market. There is only one market here!” Ha.

Ever imagine walking into a room full of absolutely gorgeous young women? Well last night we had to select 17 models (down from 200) from a lineup of absolutely beautiful women. It was so much fun to see how the girls were so excited to wear Turbine. They seem to already have their favorite pieces, the Skyscraper dress was a favorite amongst them!

Tall + Gorgeous + Sweet = Behind the scenes of OFW Turbine model fitting.

Stay tuned for our update tomorrow! Press Press Press!! TV!

16 2 / 2012

Hi everyone,

Well we arrived in snowy Ottawa yesterday morning and had a fabulous first day! Shopping and checking out the sites in the Capital City! To end our first day Scott Brison, MP invited us to dinner on Parliament Hill! It was so much fun. We arrived just in time to see the members of Parliament leaving the House of Commons after a vote! So much drama!

Press outside the Parliament… big news!

Turbine is at Ottawa Fashion Week! Ha. No, not really about us.

First course. Warm goat cheese salad! And wine! Michel, my childhood friend from Saskatoon, who we are staying with was Press Secretary for Michael Ignatieff. Between Scott and Michel, Lisa and I heard some pretty interesting Canadian politics stories!

Goblin eyes!!

Security passes! Tight security to get into the building. We had a fabulous day, and dinner. Thank you Scott for being a wonderful host!

Stay tuned for Turbine’s Day Two of Ottawa Fashion Week Update!

Elise xo