20 5 / 2011

We had a wonderful evening taking in VIP parties where we enjoyed some interesting encounters with various celebrities and media.

The evening started with dinner at the Carlton.  Several celebrities passed our table as we ate; we had a brief encounter with Ryan Gosling - let me say he even looks incredible unshaven and in a simple sleeveless t-shirt! 

We then moved on to the VIP Party for the new movie “Politics of Love” at The Terrasse” on the rooftop of the J.W. Marriot on La Croisette. One of the stars of the film present at the exclusive party, Mallika Sherawat, had previously visited us at the DPA Gifting Lounge where we gifted her and her entourage three ‘Mini Sam Satchels’ and an ‘Upside Down Dress’; she was a huge fan of the satchels! Also at the party was Carly Steel of “TV Guide”, whom we gifted a ‘Mini Hobo’ bag after she interviewed Linda Cardellini (TV Show ‘E.R.’) and Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious, Avatar) at our gift suite.  The party ended with the release of thousands of red, white, and blue balloons!

Mallika Sherawat from Politics of Love

At the VIP rooftop party for the movie ‘Politics of Love’

Later in the evening we went to another exclusive VIP party at ‘Martini Beach’ - the paparazzi were present, photographing several celebrities and we watched amazing fireworks over the ocean.

Eventually we made our way to the most exclusive club in the French Riviera, ‘The VIP Room’. I was dancing on the rotating dance floor when to my left I noticed a small figure stand up on a stage with a microphone and start singing a familiar song - it was Kat DeLuna. Her presence rocked the club and the party went all night; later I found out that this club hosts many huge performers.  The Black Eyed Peas performed the night before - what an amazing venue.

Kat DeLuna performing at the VIP Room

Sam Drader