31 10 / 2012

Think a classic LBD (little black dress).  Like the LBD, Cowhide can complement the bedroom, boardroom, or like at Turbine, our very own Boutique “living room”.  You can even throw it over a couch!

PHOTO: Cowhide ($628) over sofa in Lisa’s Annapolis Valley home.

From Vogue magazine, to Architectural Digest, Cowhide has recently seen a surge in fashion, from belts and vests; cowhides are quickly becoming one of the most talked about trends this season. Depending on their color, each cowhide reflects a different environment. Whether it’s old worldly and quaint, trendy and hip; whether you’re shy, or bold; or whether you’re more handbag than home décor, Cowhide is the designer’s choice.

PHOTO: Cowhide Sam-Satchel $148

Turbine is introducing its latest collection of Handbags, including our classic Sam Satchel made from Genuine Cowhide, as well as Lisa’s newest design: Cowhide Shoulder Bag.

PHOTO: Cowhide box-bottom shoulder bag $228

PHOTO: Cowhide rug ($628) in front of Lisa’s fireplace

A cowhide rug is probably one of hottest trends in homes today, being sold at some of the most luxurious stores around the world.  Cowhides add warmth, texture, luxury, and sense of play and fun to a room and you might even say eco-friendly to the max!  We are proud to be carrying a select few in our Turbine boutique at Bishop’s Landing and as with all of our genuine leather products, our cowhide rugs are by-products of the food industry, and therefore contributing to sustainability, with style!

See you soon at the boutique!

mooooo! (I just did that! haha.)

xo Elise

19 6 / 2012

This quote has been posted at my cutting table at the Turbine Studio since 1999. The apple trees are my view out the studio window. The orchard and this quote have inspired me to press forward many times over the years when the challenges of entrepreneurship temporarily seem to outweigh the thrill of a creative, fulfilling, and independent life. Follow your dreams… I’m so glad that I did!

This quote has been posted at my cutting table at the Turbine Studio since 1999. The apple trees are my view out the studio window. The orchard and this quote have inspired me to press forward many times over the years when the challenges of entrepreneurship temporarily seem to outweigh the thrill of a creative, fulfilling, and independent life. Follow your dreams… I’m so glad that I did!


07 6 / 2012

Hi from the Studio!

Well the Turbine Studio Grand Re-Opening party was a huge success! With over 60 guests in attendance we had a shopping and partying frenzy, as we enjoyed delicious wines from Jost Vineyards!!

We unveiled our newest addition to the Turbine experience: The Facial Bar!

Mineral Cosmetics and a detailed Skin Regime for an intimate and friendly Facial experience!

Looks like these pretty ladies had a LOT of fun!

Love the animal print Asymmetric!

Tanya and Ashley rockin’ the OBI belt! And of course Ashley is wearing our classic Asymmetric and Tanya is dressed in one of our favorite looks for summer, the French inspired Paysan dress!

Leslie and myself, someone wins for guessing how many Asymmetric’s Leslie owns! And who can guess from what collection she purchased the newest Mini Hobo Bag that night? Something to do with Handwoven Silk from India?

Love the Indian Bangles on Lisa! They are selling so quickly! Must have this summer!

The entire Turbine team would like to thank you for you coming out and supporting our re-opening of the studio! What an amazing night we had! 

For those who couldn’t make it last Friday, but are interested in experiencing the Turbine Studio including our Facial Bar, and shopping fun times, we are open Wednesday through Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 12-4.

With love and gratitude, see you in Falmouth!!

Elise xo

27 5 / 2012

Thirteen years ago in 1999 when I was 29 (ok, do the math…) Turbine was a thriving business in Calgary with a 3rd store opening, a design & production studio (with seamless walls for in-house photo-shoots!), and I had a gig as industry expert on an international TV show. I had just been listed on Western Living Magazine’s prestigious “Top Designers List” and had developed a loyal following in just over a year of launching my own independent label.  Life was so busy with new opportunities at every turn.  During those crazy early months, our kids, Sam-6, Sarah-18 months, were being dressed each morning and tucked in each night by our wonderful nanny, Anke.  The trouble with it was that my life lacked balance.  Too much, too soon….

In an effort to re-prioritize, Carey & I felt it was best to move our family out of the concrete-jungle to rural Nova Scotia to enjoy forts in old apple trees, visits to the lake, and pet-ownership.  This is when the transition of the Turbine mini-empire and the Drader-Murphy family to the Annapolis Valley occurred. 

We started by keeping things close to home by purchasing a 4 acre orchard in Falmouth and rezoning and renovating the barn on the property as the Turbine Studio.  It began as the production/showroom entertaining clients and shopping parties for numerous groups and supplying a growing list of wholesale accounts.  A few years later we added the Turbine Cafe.  The goal was to start opening stores again after transition year 10. 

In Dec. 2008 the retail operation at the Studio moved and the Turbine Boutique at Bishop’s Landing opened, doubling in size a year later, opening doors for opportunities. I traveled with the Turbine collection to the celebrity gift suites at TIFF, The Golden Globes, and the Cannes Film Festival and sourced fabric in France and Vienna.  I traveled alone to India where the Turbine Fund provided healthy biscuits and scholarships to women and children in the villages. 

To meet the demand of the waterfront store, the production equipment took over the studio.  Now after catching up to fulfill the demand at the Turbine Boutique we are able to expand our production and provide our full product and service offering again in Falmouth.  We’ve renovated and are reopening the Turbine Studio to the public, fully stocked with our entire collection of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and shoes!

We’re so excited to be coming full circle and publicly opening our Turbine Studio during our Grand RE-Opening Celebration!  All are invited to join us on Friday June 1st at 7pm at 1901 Highway 1, Falmouth. (Take Exit 7 on the 101 and turn right at the 3-way intersection.  We’re directly across from Pothier Motors.)  We have some exciting surprises and will be making an announcement…. It’s going to be quite a party!

With Gratitude,

Lisa & the Turbine Team

06 5 / 2012

Turbine India Project - Update Eight.

Shopping for silk and traditional handmade mud bangles in the 400+ year old market at Charminar in Hyderabad, India.  These beautiful bracelets are now at the Turbine Boutique in Halifax!


02 5 / 2012

Turbine India Project - Update Seven.

While visiting Imamguda for a free Health Camp for the villagers, I ventured to discover a temple with women and girls sitting quietly in the shade.  With the help of bodyguard (and dear friend!) Zishan, I asked if they would mind if I took a picture of them in their beautiful sarees.  Not only did they say “yes”, they asked me to photograph them individually!  So that’s what I did.  Although we spoke not one word of a common language, we communicated friendship and community.

26 4 / 2012

Turbine India Project - Update Six.

Saree shopping in Mumbai…

23 4 / 2012

We visited the village of Pochampalli, near Hyderabad, India, which is famous for yarn tie-dying and hand weaving. Although the old world techniques are still in practice after five hundred years, the number of skilled craftspeople is dropping drastically due to mass production by the mills.  Many families are struggling as the 5th and 6th generation trained in this skill with nothing else to fall back on.

The following photos illustrate the process from silk strand to finished garment…

The weaver sits in a hollowed out area in the concrete at waist-height.

The patterns for a silk saree are hand drawn on graph paper before yarns can be tied off and dyed.

The tie-dye process…

Tie-dye finished and left to dry.

Several looms prepared and ready for weaving silk sarees.

This is the yarn-dye “laboratory”, outside of the work space.

A block away at the shop, viewing the handwoven silk sarees and cotton scarves. I selected my saree fabric! (Stay tuned!)

To support the families of this trade and help sustain this dying art, verify that you are buying product from a source that supports hand-woven, fairly traded goods.  You will also own a piece of a centuries-old Indian tradition. 


23 4 / 2012

On the evening of April 20th we visited an orphanage in Hyderabad to surprise the 50 children there with a cake.  We pretended that we were celebrating a “surprise birthday party” for everyone!  The children were so excited when they recognized Satish Sikha’s Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation car pull up to the door.  Several little ones ran our to greet us and huddled so close it became difficult to climb the two flights of stairs to the concrete room that they spend their days in. 

Once upstairs, they sat quietly in neat rows of plastic garden chairs, youngest at the front, eldest at the back.  Although they knew that the bag on the table in front of them was certain to hold a treat for them they remained seated quietly until asked to each stand and tell their name and grade, or “class” as they refer to it in India.  Once everyone had done so, they sang us some songs, prompted by Satish and Zishan.  My eyes welled with tears as they sang so joyfully amidst such stark surroundings.  When they started chanting for me to sing for them I finally gave in and sang a song from my childhood… “gentle breeze, blowing through the trees, and a meadow filled with flowers showing me your gentleness… how I love you…”

Written on the cake was “We love you Lisa”.

It was my honour to serve the cake.  The children were so polite and patiently waited until it was their turn to be served; not one moved from his or her seat. 


It was on this very day that my dad, who lost his battle with cancer in 2004, would’ve turned 64 and I couldn’t help but feel his presence in the room with us.  He loved children and they were drawn to his gentle giant stature and sparkling blue eyes.  I imagined him enjoying a piece of “his” birthday cake with a couple of little ones perched on his lap.  He would’ve wanted to rescue them all from such poverty.  I sat with my cake and my thoughts and fought to stay composed.

As we pulled away in the car Satish pointed to the 3 story building that was the orphanage and told me that the children were contained on the floor we saw with a main room for school and play and 2 small rooms that slept boys in one and girls in the other.  The other two floors house a call center to solicit donations from all over the world.  I was also told that the owner of the orphanage lives in a mansion across town.  It’s a sad reality in the third world and a lesson to us all to research before we donate overseas, and better yet, spend some time visiting firsthand and determine how we can help these children directly.



For more pictures visit the facebook album here:


15 4 / 2012

Dear Friends,

Lisa is traveling to India this week and will be going to some of the slum areas in India with the Director of Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation to distribute healthy biscuits for the children. Make a donation towards this and enter our draw for a leather Sam Satchel and a set of Indian brass bangles! 

We hope to raise enough money to purchase one thousand biscuit packages so please SHARE this if you want to help us!


The Turbine Team